Take a proactive approach to oral health

You would not expect your hair to look great without daily brushing, frequent washing, and regular trips to a hairdresser. In the same way our teeth and gums need careful daily cleaning, and regular professional maintenance. Professional maintenance is best provided by a hygienist as they are highly trained to provide care along with early solutions for gum disease.

90% of the population suffer from inflammation of their gums, which is highlighted by occasional bleeding or redness around the edges of the teeth when brushing or flossing. Left unchecked, gingivitis starts to destroy the fibres that hold our teeth to the underlying bone. Once these fibres are destroyed, they cannot be regenerated, and so for gums, prevention really is better than cure.

For patients who are prone to gum disease, or who have dental implants, we suggest seeing a hygienist every three months, as this is the time it takes plaque to mature and produce the toxins that destroy gum fibres. Added to which, regular visits preclude much more intensive and invasive appointments where the plaque has calcified, and is much harder to remove. Your hygienist will be able to spot gaps in your home-care, and recommend the latest products to help you care for your teeth and gums.


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