Consult a dentist to see if dentures can work for you

Occasionally through a propensity to gum disease, patients unfortunately lose some or all their teeth. The World Health Organisation describes the loss of teeth as a disability, as people have reduced ability to chew, and are often psychologically wounded by a lack of confidence in their appearance. Missing teeth allow the lips to sink in, making people look older and frailer than they really are.

Obviously implants are one answer to missing teeth, but if people are not able to have dental implants for reasons of health or cost, another option is dentures. Dentures (sometimes known as plates), are teeth set on an acrylic base which is fashioned to fit the patient’s mouth. Where some teeth remain, they can be used to stabilise the denture; otherwise the denture is retained by suction, and to an extent the patient’s tongue and lip control (which can take a few weeks to develop).

Dentures should be seen as a replacement for no teeth, rather than teeth, as without dental implants to secure them, they cannot be as firm as natural teeth. However they can look very natural, are not too expensive, and for some patients can provide all the function and appearance that they require. It’s certainly worth consulting your dentist to see if dentures might work for you.


Price from £295.00

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