Keith Morgan, (Bettws Newydd)

"After having all my top teeth out when I was 14, and having suffered dentures for 45 years, I decided to have a consultation to see if I was a suitable candidate for implants.

My first consultation was with a practice in Cardiff, but I did not like the atmosphere finding it intimidating. My next port of call was South Africa, I contemplated a consultation there, but I am glad I didn’t go through with it.

I saw the advert for Smiles Better in the Abergavenny Chronicle. I didn’t think a practice in Abergavenny would have the necessary expertise, but they surpassed themselves. Nigel Jones and his team are second to none. I must admit the day after having the implants fitted I asked Nigel whether he’d had boxing gloves on, but I had eight implants fitted in one go, and my gums had shrunk so much that Nigel had to build up my jaw-bone. After the first week we were on the mend and I have not looked back. From the start of proceedings to eating my first steak in comfort would have been about ten months.

I have nothing but praise for the Smiles Better team, and Nigel Jones who carried out the treatment. If anybody is contemplating having Implant treatment, please get my number from Smiles Better and I will gladly chat to you about it."

John Morgan, (Crickhowell)

"I had suffered loose and painful dentures for many years, especially the bottom denture. When the concept of implants to stabilise my dentures and lift them off the gum was explained to me, it sounded a good idea, but I was apprehensive about the surgery. In the event I needn’t have worried. The treatment was carried out whilst I was sedated, and I had little to no pain afterwards. It’s great to have no more suffering with sore gums or the embarrassment of loose dentures. Nigel and his team were fantastic at making sure I was comfortable during and after the treatment, and of course it’s very convenient to have treatment available so close to home."