We Invest in State of the Art Equipment to Improve Quality of Care for our Patients

As the practice aims to provide the highest standard of care then we are continually updating our equipment.

Recently we acquired a panoral X-ray which will allow us to take one X-ray that will contain as much information as 6 conventional dental X-rays.

The standard of our equipment and its maintenance all meet or in most cases exceed national standards. This has lead to the practice being one of the first in Wales to be awarded the British Dental Associations’ ‘Good Practice Award’.

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Get Treated in Comfort

We have invested in the Rolls Royce of dental chairs, to ensure your comfort during treatment.

Overhead Television

Our LCD television screen conveniently mounted above the dental chair, provides a calming distraction. It also makes sure your dental appointment doesn't interfere with your favourite soap.

Detailed Analysis

Our specialist equipment, such as the panoral X-ray, allows us to provide you with a detailed analysis of the dental work you require before and during your treatment. One panoral X-ray contains as much information as six conventional dental X-rays.

High Quality Equipment

Using quality instruments ensures the highest level of treatment and provides an efficient service.